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Workshop Fees
Adult Pre-Registration Fee (21 & over until October 7, 2017) - $30.00
Adult Registration Fee (21 & over until October 7, 2017) - $35.00
Youth Pre-Registration Fee (11-20 years) - $20.00 (fee until October 7, 2017)
Youth Registration Fee (11-20 years) - $25.00
Children Pre-Registration Fee (5-10 years) - $10.00 (fee until October 7, 2017)
Children Registration Fee (5-10 years) - $15.00
CHOIR OF CHOICE : Children   |      Youth   |      Adult Mass Choir
POSITION: Minister of Music Choir Director Choir Member Musician
Musicians Instrument of Choice
VOICE: Soprano Alto Tenor Bass                 READ MUSIC :
TITLE: Dr.   Rev.  Minister   Bishop   Pastor   Elder

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Disclaimer: I acknowledge as a participant of the GMWA Workshop 2017 , I attend at my own risk. I realize that the Host Church nor the Gospel Music Workshop Of America, Goochland VA & Vicinity Chapter has no legal responsibility or liability to me as a result of my being a participant of this workshop; I agree to not hold either of these establishments accountable or responsible for any injuries or accidents which can or may occurwhile I am in these facilities. I waive all rights to file formal charges or expenses toward any of the above parties.

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